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What do the excavations at Sutton Hoo tell us about the significance of the sea to East Anglian society in the late sixth and early seventh centuries?

In order to assess what the excavations at Sutton Hoo tells us about the significance of the sea to East Anglian society in the late sixth and early seventh centuries one must first analyse and fully understand what Sutton Hoo actually is and what was found there; this piece will first endeavour to achieve this…

How the English Kings of the twelfth-century extend their power compared to that of of the French Kings of the period?

Today I will discuss how the English kings extended their power in the twelfth-century and compare their methods to that of the French Kings. I have decided to assess this in four ways, these being,how royal power was extended ‘theoretically’and ‘physically’, and how the church aided the extension of royal power through ‘theoretical’and ‘physical’ means.…

The Lives of Women in Roman Britain.

Today I will discuss the contribution of archaeological evidence to our understanding of the lives of women in Roman Britain. In order to do this, this piece will examine different pieces of material evidence and endeavour to draw conclusions of what archaeology can tell us about the appearance, mentality and overall lives of women in…

Can the large settlement sites of the Maya be classed as cities?

This post will aim to address whether the large settlements of the Maya can be classed at cities. I will attempt to answer this question by investigating what we mean by a city and our changing perception of what a city is; I will also assess what these Maya settlements were and what features they…

The strange tales you discover while researching.

For my MRes Dissertation I am doing a landscape analysis of the Deserted Medieval Villages of the East Riding of Yorkshire. While doing some research I learned that Beverley is named such due to the native beaver population at the time. Shortly after I stumbled across this extract which left me confused. “In the later…

Defining a DMV

A Deserted Medieval Village, or DMV, is a settlement that was established around the medieval era and eventually became depopulated. Despite the name, the sites of DMVs don’t have to be entirely depopulated for the village to be named deserted. For example, if a settlement once had a population of around 50 individuals living at…

Hello all!

This has been something I have been ruminating over for a while now. I always wanted to start a site dedicated to my academic pursuits and now I have. It will remain quite bare for a while but I hope you can find something of interest on here eventually.

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